This is me and my neice, chatting on the webcams.

She was telling me about her day at school (“I was climbing a tree and I fell out of the tree”), her dinner (“I’m eating hummus”) and other important details of her life (“I’m going to buy a house” and “I’m going to Bermuda. It’s hot there. Grandma can’t come with me.”*).

I love technology!

*I have NO idea where she got these ideas from.

3 Replies to “Webcams”

  1. Holy crap, she’s really grown! Last time I saw a picture, she was just wee. Where to these kids get off, growing up and whatnot. The nerve!

  2. Dave – yup, she also solves quadratic equations and also come up with a cure for cancer. They grow up so fast.

    Sar – I know, she’s such a little Nancy, isn’t she?

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