Shout Out to Alain

Friday, as I got onto the bus that would take me to my softball game, the bus driver said, “Nice shirt. Why are so many people wearing Canucks shirts today?” “Because Alain Vigneault won the coach of the year!” I replied. I have no idea if this is why other people were wearing their ‘nucks gear that day, but that was why I put on my stick-in-a-box retro logo shirt!

Of course, Roberto Luongo was robbed of both the Hart Trophy and the Vezina. But don’t you worry, Bobby Lou. You’ll get ’em next year!

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  • Luongo should win his first Vezina next year. Take it from Brodeur himself: “Hey, I had to fight off Dominik Hasek for many years before winning it and I’m sure Roberto will shake me off at some point and win many Vezina Trophies.” Nice!

    Unfortunately, he’s never going to win the Hart – not as long as Crosby’s in the league. Sid really *is* going to break all of Wayne’s records.


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