Something New For Me To Be Pissed Off About

Friday night after my softball game, my team went to the pub for some hard earned post-game beers. A few of my teammates got some of those pull-tab lottery thingys, where if you pull a tab to discover three of a kind, you win cash. As they were discarding the non-winning tickets onto the table, I picked one up to have a look at it and look what I discovered:

Why the hell is the female symbol (♀) only worth $25, but the male (♂) symbol worth $100? What the f is up with that???

3 Replies to “Something New For Me To Be Pissed Off About”

  1. Obviously. Men are rare and important and women are cheaper and easier. And it’s way easier to give someone the key to your house than buy them a drink.

    AHhahahahhaah. I still can’t get over this thing is real.

    But I have to agree with them on one thing: there is nothing more important and valuable than T-Bone steaks.

  2. I’m thoroughly impressed you used the male/female symbols.

    You’re amazing!

    And i have no further response. The $400 steaks? I suppose they’re better than a free coffee when we get three triangles here at work… Though you would disagree entirly.

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