Bed Update

So apparently the delivery guys weren’t lying when they said that the bed rails of my new bed “just snap on to the headboard and footboard.”  It turns out that there are already screws sticking out of the headboard and the footboard, so the holes in the little metal pieces at the ends of the siderails, which you can kinda see in this photo…


… do just hook onto the screws in the headboard and footboard.  What they neglected to mention, however, included:

  • some of the screws in the footboard were screwed in too tight and needed to be loosened so that there would be some room on which to hook the metal things
  • loosening said screws requires a square screwdriver head
  • of the 12 screwdriver heads that I have, square is not one of them

They also completely neglected to explain what the pieces of wood shown in this photo are for:


Even after I asked them what they were for.  Best guess at this point is that the long pieces are the crossbeams (for lack of a better word) and the short pieces are little legs. Meaning that the long screws that came with them are needed to attach the little legs to the crossbeam guys.  Which means I need a drill.  Which I don’t have.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for what drill I should buy or have a burning desire to come to my place with their drill and their square screwdriver head?