I Can Haz Business Ideas?

The core part of my MBA program involves two major projects. The first one is a business simulation using something caled Capsim, which we are partway through, and the second one is to write a business plan.

But before writing a business plan, one needs to have an idea for a business! This is where you come in, gentle reader. We are at the stage where we have to think of a business opportunity. Essentially, we want to find a “need” that isn’t being met by any currently existing business – an unmet need that we can then build a business around. At this point, we are wanting to generate as many ideas as possible – the more creative, the better! We have a few ideas, but I thought I’d check in with you – some “crowdsourcing,” if you will – to expand our thought processes.

So, do you have an unmet need? What really bugs you and makes you think “Why doesn’t someone solve this problem for me?

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  1. I have a need. It’s called beach research. I’m not sure how you might swing that as a business idea however. Unless maybe you’re developing some new professionals beach meeting social media something or other.

    Basically what I’m trying to get at is that I need a vacation.


  2. I need sleep! could you please fill that need for me? I find I sleep very well after eating a buffet. so maybe you could offer sleep buffets?

  3. This may be outside your various areas of expertise, but I have long wondered why this hasn’t already been pursued. Right now a firm known as Griffin Investigations maintains a “black book” of cheaters. Casinos pay both by sharing information and with direct monetary support in order to have access to the database for purposes of being able to exclude players who might reliably overcome the house advantage. Though there have been some hiccups along the way, overall the enterprise is very lucrative.

    For many years, video games have been a bigger industry than cinema. A significant portion of the billions video game developers spend goes into online multiplayer gaming. Though there are services like Punkbuster that attempt to identify and ban specific accounts in specific games, no one has yet tried to profile cheaters as individuals for purposes of issuing blanket bans that could exclude the worst scum from new games. In other words, all new players in a game are assumed to be honest, and often the worst case scenario for a cheater simply involves buying a new copy of the game (or stealing a valid serial number) in order to create a new account.

    This vast industry could benefit immensely from a resource that made it possible to identify and block the multiplayer participation of habitual cheaters based on past bad conduct. Not only would this directly improve the quality of most FPS games and many MMORPGs, but it would also indirectly improve quality by deterring potential cheaters who would fear losing the best part of many hot new releases much more than they fear losing one account in a game they have already played to some degree. Borrowing elements of the plan from Griffin Investigations’ own operations would provide a framework for developing this idea, though it would need to be adapted to the much lower stakes of online gaming as well as the specific complications of identifying individuals chiefly through Internet activities.

  4. Hockey camp with drop-ins by the pros geared to adults? A few hours at the rink to do some drills with former Canucks for example? I also think there is a market for office Xmas gifts that aren’t chocolates. So many of the gift baskets are food that if someone can come up with something to give to a client that is just as interesting and not food there might be something to it.

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