Stuff I Want To Do When I’m Done My MBA

As I’ve been talking about the end of my MBA program being nigh, I find myself constantly defending my claim that “I’m not going to do anymore school! I swear!” My friends and colleagues are skeptical of this claim1. And, really, who can blame them? I’ve said it before and it wasn’t true. I’m like the schoolgirl who cried wolf. But I really, really mean it this time!

However, I do have to admit that I am kind of addicted to learning – I am insatiably curious and I want to KNOW ALL THE THINGS! But I think it’s time to turn to the less academic-y things that I want to learn. Like, for example:

  • how to surf
  • how to SCUBA dive
  • how to speak French
  • how to properly shoot a hockey puck2
  • how to code3

Other things I plan to focus my attention on in post-MBA land include:

  • travel to all the places ever4!!
  • training properly for the Hollywood Half Marathon so that I can break the elusive 2 hour mark
  • writing more5
  • reading for fun more (I’ve already joined a book club!)
  • cooking proper meals6
  • skiing
  • sleeping7

And speaking of sleep, I’m heading there now. Because I have a full day of running, studying, hockeying, and more studying ahead of me tomorrow. The end is nigh… but I’m not quite there yet.

  1. I’ve had basically the same conversation with, no exaggeration, at least a dozen people in the last week or so. It goes like this:

    Me: I’m so excited that my class next Monday is the last class I will ever have to go to!

    Other Person: Right. Until you do your next degree.

    Me: I’m never going to do another degree!

    Other Person: < laughs uncontrollably > []

  2. My shot is the lamest hockey shot to ever be shot. []
  3. OK, maybe this one is a bit academic-y. But it’s cool. All the cool kids code. []
  4. Some destinations of interest – off the top of my head and in no particular order – include: NYC, Paris, Italy, Iceland, Australia, Peru, Japan, and Newfoundland & Labrador and Nova Scotia (to complete the set of all the Canadian provinces), Northwest Territories and Nunavut (to complete the whole country). And I already have plans for Hollywood and San Fran in the spring! W00t! []
  5. Here on the blog, but also in my journal. Oh journalling, how I’ve missed you! []
  6. I’ve been eating way too much prepared stuff for the past two years and I really miss whipping up my dinners from scratch! []
  7. Glorious, glorious sleep. How I have missed you! []

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  • So awesome! Love these ideas… but why oh why is traveling not on this list? Specifically, traveling to Calgary?


  • OMG, what is wrong with me?? Clearly I’m so sleep deprived I forgot the most important thing ever – do all the travels!! (Except maybe not so much to Calgary since I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns… present company excluded of course!)

    I must fix this posting posthaste!


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  • I was suppose to learn Spanish when I finished my PhD…. that was 2.5 years ago and I have done nothing towards it 🙁


  • I am not laughing uncontrollably, really. Just smiling as I prepare to start my applications for my PHD. It’s in your blood. I think you should do all the things on your list before you embark on your next degree.


  • There’s a direct flight from Vancouver to New York on Cathay for about $500. It leaves YVR shortly before midnight, arriving around 6am. It starts in Hong Kong, lets passengers off and new ones on in Vancouver and then carries on to New York.


  • I am tired just reading your list….. lol you go girl.
    BTW…. your aunt is cool I use to code in assembler years ago in work….. lol
    and I snorkel… I even have my own equipment…. and underwater camera for really cool pictures…..
    we have to go on another trip between all your learning and stuff……. you pick the trip and I am in…..


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