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Stuff To Blog About, Should I Ever Get Time To Blog Again

Another day, another no-seat-on-the-Skytrain1. Since I again can’t do the reading that is really like to be doing now, I figured I’d start pecking out that list of blog posting topics that I mentioned yesterday many days ago on my phone’s tiny, tiny keyboard.

In no particular order, here are some things I want to blog about when I get the time:

  • Review of my Polar M400 watch
  • My quest for the best “to do” list solution (titled: Much Ado About To Do)
  • Olga K
  • Don’t tell my hands, my achy breaky hands
  • The saga of my Irish marble ring
  • Comparing my training for the BMO half marathon to my training for the Montreal half
  • The Vancouver Rock’n’Roll 10 km
  • My Halloween costume2
  • My trip to Quebec
  • Alicia’s birthday dinner and Gelato 101
  • Medal inflation
  • Race medal Pinterest page3
  • VOKRA gift card fundraiser
  • The next installment in my Prime Minister series: PMJT!
  1. OK, actually another couple of days where I didn’t get a seat on the Skytrain. Or I did get a seat on the Skytrain but my brain was too tired to do real work, so I added things to this list. Or I jotted an idea or two on the list on my lunch break []
  2. I figure by the time I get around the writing any of these postings, Halloween will have come and gone []
  3. []


My brain is tired

The blogging dilemma – when you have no time to write, the ideas about what to write about come at every moment, but when you have time to write, you have writer’s block. Right now, I’m deeply in the former situation. And so I find myself typing this on my phone as I Skytrain to work, and even then it’s only because I didn’t get a seat on the train this morning so I can’t read the journal articles that I intended to read. 

The reason for my extreme lack of time these days is the new course I’m teaching, which is taking up my every waking moment. Don’t get me wrong – I’m having an absolute blast teaching, but it is *a lot* of work to teach a class you’ve never taught before. There are lesson plans to create, lecture notes and slide decks to prepare, which means a *tonne of reading*1 (because, despite the fact that I’m teaching a topic that I’m an expert in, it’s important to be up-to-date on the literature, to read different ways that people present the same material so as to have a few ways to explain things because everyone learns differently, to think of different in-class activities that you can do because no one wants to listen to me drone on for three hours on a Wednesday night), guest lectures to book, emails to answer, and the marking. Omg the marking. During my MBA program I was reminded how annoying it is to hand in an assignment and then not get a mark back for several weeks and I vowed to improve my marking turnaround time2. And to be honest, I enjoy reading student papers and providing feedback. But actually giving a number grade on an assignment is not my cup of tea. I want to ensure that the grades are a fair representation of what the student has achieved, are fair across the different students, and are transparent to the students as to why they got the grade they did. And that’s a lot of work!
And all of this is on top of the fact that things are super busy at work, which means both long days and a tired brain by the time I get home and am able to work on my lecture notes and my marking. 

Anyway, the point of this posting was not to whine about how busy I am3. The purpose was actually to jot down a bunch of ideas for future blog postings so that when I get through this crazy busy period and have some time to write, I’ll have ideas to write about. But now my Skytrain ride is up and it’s time to get to my day job. I guess that list will have to wait ’til next time. Which at this rate will probably be December :S

  1. Hence the aforementioned journal articles I wanted to read on the Skytrain this morning. []
  2. Which I’m happy to report I managed to significantly improve in the stats course that I teach in the January semester. []
  3. Or, at least, that wasn’t the purpose when I started writing it. []