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Stuff To Blog About, Should I Ever Get Time To Blog Again

Another day, another no-seat-on-the-Skytrain1. Since I again can’t do the reading that is really like to be doing now, I figured I’d start pecking out that list of blog posting topics that I mentioned yesterday many days ago on my phone’s tiny, tiny keyboard.

In no particular order, here are some things I want to blog about when I get the time:

  • Review of my Polar M400 watch
  • My quest for the best “to do” list solution (titled: Much Ado About To Do)
  • Olga K
  • Don’t tell my hands, my achy breaky hands
  • The saga of my Irish marble ring
  • Comparing my training for the BMO half marathon to my training for the Montreal half
  • The Vancouver Rock’n’Roll 10 km
  • My Halloween costume2
  • My trip to Quebec
  • Alicia’s birthday dinner and Gelato 101
  • Medal inflation
  • Race medal Pinterest page3
  • VOKRA gift card fundraiser
  • The next installment in my Prime Minister series: PMJT!
  1. OK, actually another couple of days where I didn’t get a seat on the Skytrain. Or I did get a seat on the Skytrain but my brain was too tired to do real work, so I added things to this list. Or I jotted an idea or two on the list on my lunch break []
  2. I figure by the time I get around the writing any of these postings, Halloween will have come and gone []
  3. []

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