NaBloPoMo – Day 15 –

Wrote this earlier today, but just getting around to posting it now!

Taking the Skytrain to work today for the first time in a while and totally forgot to bring my kobo! So writing a blog posting on my phone is how I’ll keep myself entertained, I guess. I’m feeling much better today than I did yesterday – when I got home from class I had a bite to eat, since I’d barely eaten all day as I hadn’t felt up to it – Scott kindly made me some food while I rested – and then I pretty much went straight to bed. Got a solid night’s sleep (and when I think about it, it’s probably the first time in at least two weeks that I’ve slept more than about 5.5 hrs in a row, which may have contributed to my getting sick!) and woke out without the headache and fever1. I think I really should get better organized so that I can get a proper night’s sleep more days than I don’t!

  1. Though in fairness, I took my temperature before bed and I wasn’t fevered then, so I was probably already on them road to recovery []

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