Goals for 2021

Here it is more than halfway through January and I haven’t posted any goals for 2021! Honestly, given how unpredictable last year turned out to be, I’ve a little hesitant to set goals for this year. Who knows what the year will bring? So I’ve decided to scale back on my usual large number of goals and just set a few.

By the end of 2021, I will have:

  1.  made 21 new foods and/or beverages that I’ve never made before – and blogged about each of them.
  2. read 21 books – and blogged about each of them.
  3. read at least of 7,500 pages, counting books, chapters, journal articles, reports and other long form writing (but not counting short things like news stories or tweets, because I honestly can’t be bothered to track those).
  4. done an average of 20 mins of mindfulness meditation per week.

I decided to add the one about pages read as I’d noticed that having a number of books to read goalie incentivizes me to read short books and discourages me from reading long books. I took a look at the last seven years (which is how long I’ve been tracking my books read on Goodreads), I found that, counting only books, I’d read an average of about 4,700 pages. My best year was 2016 when I read 7682 pages and my worst year was 2017 when I read a measly 1,031 pages. So I decided that 7,500 pages is a good stretch goal – plus I’m interested in how much I read in terms of journal articles (it feels like eleventy billion pages a month), but I’ve never tracked it before, so that will be a fun this to track. #Nerd

The cooking goal is a fun and easy one (and I’ve already made one new thing this year) and I’d like to get into more of mindfulness mediation habit, so that seems like a good one.

And four goals seems more than adequate for pandemic year #2. Anything I do beyond that is gravy.

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  • How are you tracking your journal articles? Are you actually physically tracking them, or did you find an app that tracks them? I want to find an app that tracks my comic book reading (way less serious than journal articles), but I haven’t found anything yet (I don’t want to mix them with my goodreads books). I just set up a spreadsheet.


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