On the sixth day of donating…

I usually don’t blog about work stuff, but today I’m going off script to support a non-profit related to my field.

“The Canadian Evaluation Society Educational Fund (CESEF) provides scholarships and other learning opportunities for Canadians who want to deepen their knowledge in the field of program evaluation.”

One of the programs the CESEF runs is the Student Evaluation Case Competition, where groups of students from across Canada are given a real-life case, such as a non-profit organization that needs evaluation support and they create an evaluation plan for that organization. The top three teams from across Canada compete in the finals at the Canadian Evaluation Society national conference. Not to brag (oh wait, I mean to totally brag), I’ve coached teams that made the finals in each of the last four years, three of which went on to win the finals, and this year’s team went on to win the World Competition. What I really like about this competition is that it provides a way into the evaluation profession – I know several people who work as evaluators today who got their start in the case comp. I’m continuously impressed with the dedication, hard work, and creative ideas that students put forth in this competition, as well as with the support that the evaluation community provides to students, including organizing and judging the competition, and helping the students get connected to potential employers after the competition.

Again, another organization doing good work that I’m happy to support.

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