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  • Slightly Past Halfway Through The Year Check-In On My Goals

    So I only set 4 goals for this year, because trying to make any kind of plans beyond basic things like eating food and reading books back in January, when vaccines were just starting to roll out and everything was still so unknown, seemed like a fool’s errand. So let’s see how I’ve been doing […]

  • My Pandemic Birthday

    I actually had a birthday party in 2020. As unbelievable the idea of having dozens and dozens of people crammed into my 700 sq ft condo (sharing food and having drinks no less!) sounds right now, it is a thing I did, because my birthday is so early in the year. At that time, it […]

  • Goal Crushed: Made 60+ New Foods/Drinks in 2020

    Given that cooking was a common pandemic activity, I completely crushed my goal of making 20 foods or drinks that I had never made before. Instead of just 20, I made 62 new foods/drinks this year! Because of this, this blog post is ridiculously long (I’ve been working on it for a week!). You may […]

  • Low Key Christmas

    Christmas this year, like everything else this year, was different. Typically, I would go spent a couple of weeks at my sister’s place in Ontario over the holidays, but given the public health recommendation that we don’t travel outside our local community, and that you can’t have anyone from outside your household in your home, […]

  • On the eleventh day of donating…

    Of all [the Food Bank’s] clients, 24% are children and youth, 58% are adults, and 18% are seniors. Source: The Greater Vancouver Food Bank provides assistance to nearly 8,500 people directly and tens of thousands more people through their Community Agency Partners every week! That’s a lot of people. And that’s just to support […]

  • On the fourth day of donating…

    My sister brought the Indigenous Feast Boxes GoFundMe campaign to my attention this morning. It is a fund that supports Indigenous people in the culinary industry. The industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, with restaurants at various times and in various locations being shut completely, required to only provide take-out, or operating with […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 15 – New Foods I Made This Year #4 to #9

    As previously mentioned, I had a birthday party back in the Before Times. I was recovering from my food poisoning, so I mostly made foods that weren’t too taxing, which meant I made fewer new-to-me recipes than I typically would for a party. But I did manage two new recipes: cheesecake stuffed cupcakes rum punch […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 10 – New Foods I Made This Year #2 and #3

    The next two foods that I made in 2020, that I’d never made before, were: a pistachio-walnut coffeecake a gluten-free coffeecake The former was from a recipe that my mom gave me – she’d made it at Christmas and it was so delicious, I had to make some to bring to my office. This was […]

  • NaBloPoMo – Day 9 – New Food I Made This Year #1

    It’s already past 11:30 pm and I haven’t written today’s blog posting yet, so I’m going to do a quick and easy one by starting to post about all the new foods I made this year. The first new food that I made in 2020 may or may not have given me food poisoning. It […]