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  • #43 – Guest Posting: 17 Random Things Books Taught Me

    ZOMG! I’m such a scatterbrain!  I haven’t even posted Dave’s guest posting yet!  I suck!  Here it is – and, as always with Dave’s writing, it’s freaking hilarious! Despite this being a theme I suggested, I’ve had a lot of trouble figuring out what to write. I wanted to lock onto one idea—one book—and write […]

  • #40 – Guest Post: The Story of Beth & Kalev

    This guest posting by Kalev just arrived in my mailbox.  Kalev is trying to make me cry!  So I’ve bumped the posting I was working on until next half hour, ‘cuz I needed to post this one right away! The funny thing about me and Beth being friends is that we don’t quite remember when […]

  • #39 – Guest Posting: Adventures in Beth-Friending, volume 2

    And now part 2 of this guest posting extravaganza by Sarah!  Again, with my comments added in [square brackets] and in italics. So, volume 2. Dave has retired for the night. He says: “Tell everyone that I am lame and am going to bed. Unlike Beth, who rocks.” I cannot guarantee that the content of […]

  • #35 – Guest Posting: Just Call Me Osama bin Librarian

    Who better to write a guest posting with my theme of “Stuff Books Taught Me” than a librarian? This guest posting was written by the lovely librarian, Rebecca, of  Larocque and Roll. Last summer, four librarians from Nigeria, Cuba and Iran were denied visas to go to the IFLA [1] conference in Montreal.  While I’m […]

  • #31 – Guest Posting: My Earliest Book-perience(TM)

    A guest posting from my Official Statisitian and Tattoo Consultant Holy crapshite! I almost forgot to write my blog entry! I’m horrible. But then again, I remembered so maybe I’m not so horrible after all. I blame my PhD, and my Post Doc, and a slew of other academic pursuits for my memory lapse. I […]

  • #27 – Guest Posting: Stuff Gay Books Taught Me

    And now a guest posting by Kalev, my Overseer of Deb0rking and Tsar of the Nerdery!  Which is brilliantly written (as Kalev’s stuff always is), the likes of which have no been seen since the last guest posting I posted today. I figured it was time to give you some good writing, since you’ve been […]

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