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  • A Three Brewery Tour. A Three Brewery Tour.

    My going away present from my coworkers at my old job was two tickets for a tour of three breweries – obviously, my former coworkers know me very well! The tour company, Vancouver Brewery Tours1 picks you up at Waterfront Station, takes you around to tour three different breweries – going behind the scenes to […]

  • Reflections from a Running Study Guinea Pig

    Today marked the last of the Sunday group runs for the running study (which is looking at if there are differences between males and females in overtraining injuries while training for a 10 km race) that I’ve been taking part in over the past 11 weeks. There are just three more training runs left until our […]

  • Meet Watson & Crick

    Yesterday, I brought home my two little fuzzballs. Formerly known as Simon & Blue, I have renamed them Watson & Crick. Props to my friend Steven who came up with these names1! For the uninitiated2, James Watson & Francis Crick are the scientists who figured out the double helix structure of DNA3. When I went […]

  • Ontario Science Centre – A (Very) Brief Review

    As previously mentioned, I met up with my friend Sarah and her family at the Ontario Science Centre today. Sarah et al live in Ontario, but are in the GTA to see her in laws and so they came out to meet me today and the OSC seemed like a good place to do that […]

  • On a bus!

    Just to mix things up, I’m on a bus instead of a subway today. Off to the Ontario Science Centre to meet up with Sarah and her fam. Because science. I haven’t been to the OSC in a while, but I do remember it being pretty awesome. Because science. I’m sure there will be a […]

  • If you only read one lablit story this year, make it “Crisis Management”

    As I was looking at my favourite tweets for that last blog posting, I realized that I hadn’t blogged about Cath’s short story, which was recently published in LabLit. For the uninitiated1: “lab lit fiction depicts realistic scientists as central characters and portrays fairly realistic scientific practice or concepts, typically taking place in a realistic […]

  • Trip To The Aquarium

    Toronto just got a new aquarium and my Aunt Lynn took us all there for my niece’s birthday1. I have to say – it was pretty cool. We got to pet a crab and a stingy ray and we saw all sorts of awesome fish – my favourite were, of course, the sharks. There were […]

  • Running In The Snow

    Did an 11 km run today. In the snow. Uphill both ways. Ok, maybe that last part isn’t quite true, though given how hard it is to run in the snow, it may as well be. I’m at my sister’s place in Toronto for the holidays, but since I’m still in the running study, I […]

  • Men Wanted

    So you know that running study1 I was telling you about yesterday? They need more men to join. The study is meant to look at if sex is a risk factor for running injuries, so they need to have both males and females and right now they have more females. So boys, if you are interested […]

  • Running FOR SCIENCE!

    As you know, I love me some running. And as you also know, I love me some science. So I’m sure it will come as no surprise to you that I’ve joined a running study. Specifically, this study is comparing males and females going through a training program for a 10 km race with respect […]