Reverse Writer’s Block

Whenever I have time, I draw a complete blank on what to blog about. When I’m swamped with one billion things to do (like I was while away on my so-called “vacation” and like I am this week), I have eleventy thousand ideas for blog posts. I could stay up to write a proper posting, but I’m so tired that I could cry, so in lieu of a real blog posting, I present you this list of all the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about/I’ve started a draft blog posting about1:

  • Visit to the Mint in Ottawa
  • Visit to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa
  • My Family Reunion
  • Family Jewels
  • Completion of my 365 Photo Challenge
  • Upcoming Bootcamp for my 10-day Long Hockey Game
  • Upcoming Awesome, Um, Electronic Device Buying Fundraiser Party for my 10-day Long Hockey Game
  • Upcoming Pub Night Fundraiser for my 10-Day Long Hockey Game
  • Comparison of Sharkies, PowerGel, Energy Blocks & Gatorade as means of glucose/electrolyte replacement
  • Top Secret Thing I Can’t Blog About Yet But Which is Super Awesometastic
  • Something Else About the Super Awesometastic Thing I Can’t Yet Blog About
  • The NHL Draft
  • My Skirt on a TV Show

That last one is actually a full written draft, which I’d forgotten I’d written and not yet posted and only just re-discovered while I was checking out my drafts in order to write that list. I’m totally posting that as tomorrow’s posting.

I think I need about 27 more hours in my day.

  1. Where by “draft blog posting,” I mean, in most cases, I’ve written down the title to remind myself to blog about it []