Reverse Writer’s Block

Whenever I have time, I draw a complete blank on what to blog about. When I’m swamped with one billion things to do (like I was while away on my so-called “vacation” and like I am this week), I have eleventy thousand ideas for blog posts. I could stay up to write a proper posting, but I’m so tired that I could cry, so in lieu of a real blog posting, I present you this list of all the stuff I’ve been meaning to blog about/I’ve started a draft blog posting about1:

  • Visit to the Mint in Ottawa
  • Visit to the National Art Gallery in Ottawa
  • My Family Reunion
  • Family Jewels
  • Completion of my 365 Photo Challenge
  • Upcoming Bootcamp for my 10-day Long Hockey Game
  • Upcoming Awesome, Um, Electronic Device Buying Fundraiser Party for my 10-day Long Hockey Game
  • Upcoming Pub Night Fundraiser for my 10-Day Long Hockey Game
  • Comparison of Sharkies, PowerGel, Energy Blocks & Gatorade as means of glucose/electrolyte replacement
  • Top Secret Thing I Can’t Blog About Yet But Which is Super Awesometastic
  • Something Else About the Super Awesometastic Thing I Can’t Yet Blog About
  • The NHL Draft
  • My Skirt on a TV Show

That last one is actually a full written draft, which I’d forgotten I’d written and not yet posted and only just re-discovered while I was checking out my drafts in order to write that list. I’m totally posting that as tomorrow’s posting.

I think I need about 27 more hours in my day.

  1. Where by “draft blog posting,” I mean, in most cases, I’ve written down the title to remind myself to blog about it []

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  • I have the same problem. Thankfully I do the same thing as you and write down a title, and if I’m feeling extra nerdy, a few lines or links that might be relevant to whatever crazy blog post has come to mind. I’ve actually got posts in draft form (from simple titles to full out postings) up until November of this year. Not every day of course – that would be insane. But for specific special days 🙂

    Also, I’m intrigued about this supe awesometastic thing that you can’t yet blog about. You should give us a countdown – it’ll be like a bloggy Christmas – blogmas! w00t!


  • Yeah, I also have some other posting drafts set for long time from now on specific dates, which I was too lazy to include in my list. As for my super awesometastic thing, I don’t know the exact date on which I can reveal it (I have to wait to be told that it’s OK to reveal), so can’t do a countdown.


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