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I have a confession to make. Big Brother is my guilty pleasure of the summer. I know, I know, I’m usually all holier-than-thou-I-don’t-even-*have*-a-TV, but yet I watch the silliest of all “reality” TV shows.1. Anyway, for the uninitiated, BB involves a bunch of hot strangers with little clothing on (referred to as “houseguests”) who hang around a house full of TV cameras and microphones, competing in cheesy games a couple of times per week to be “Head of Household” or get the “Power of Veto” and once a week they get to vote someone off the Island out of the house. The rest of the time, they are locked in this house with no contact with anyone else – no contact with family, friends, and for the love of the FSM, no Internets. The show is on three times a week (basically showing the competitions, voting and a few highlights of life in the house), but for the low, low price of $40, you can subscribe via the intertubes to a 24 hour a day feed of what’s going on in the BB house.

This conversation may or may not have happened yesterday, while the live feed was showing the houseguests just lounging around talking about… well, I don’t even remember what it was… something very boring, anyway:

Person #1: Oh my god, they are so bored.

Person #2: And we paid money to watch it!

  1. Of course, I have confessed my Young & The Restless habit, so this new revelation shouldn’t really come as that much of a surprise []


Who Does She Look Like?

Last season, Tod got me hooked on Big Brother. I went from all look-down-my-nose, “Oh no, I’m not going to watch this “reality” television nonsense!” to “I NEED TO KNOW WHO IS GOING TO WIN POV1 THIS WEEK!” after about two episodes minutes.  For the record, I was pretty happy with Dan winning last year – although I kinda hated him, I thought he was a brilliant player.  He won every competition except the ones he decided to throw; he was a master manipulator. Sort of the beloved/despised thing.

This season is currently on week three and one thing has been bugging the hell out of me.  Michelle the neuroscientist looks really, really familiar to me:

And I can’t figure out why. While watching Tuesday’s episode I thought it might be that she looks like Michelle Stafford, the actress who plays Phyllis on the Young & the Restless2, but I just looked up a photo of her3 and the resemblance isn’t that great – basically they just both have red hair and slightly similar noses.

So who the hell does she look like? Does she look like someone famous? Or does she look like someone I know?  She does have a PhD in neuroscience, so it’s not impossible that I’ve met her at a conference, but I don’t think that’s it.  If anyone can tell me who it is that she looks like, I will give you 1,000,000 points!

1Power of Veto, for those of you who aren’t in the know.
2My other guilty pleasure – the following of Y&R!
3Being television-less, I don’t actually watch Y&R, but rather read a spoiler site to keep up with what’s going on the show. On the rare occasion that I actually see it on TV, I usually don’t know who any of the actors actually are!