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Blazing Blades – 2016 Champions!

Sunday marked the triumphant return of my Coquitlam hockey team, the Blazing Blades, to the status of Div 1 champions! You may recall that it 2014 we won the coveted trophy. Last year we did not, but this year we had our strongest season ever, going 21-3-1 in the regular season. We went 2-1 in the first round of the playoffs, which was a round robin, which was good enough to get us to the finals to face the Ringers, the only team who had beat us in round 1.

Lining up for a face off during the championship game

A photo from the game of us lining up for a face off in our end. I’m the one on the right of the photo – you can tell it’s me because (a) I’m shorter than everyone else and (b) my signature braids.

When all was said and done, the final score was 3-0 for us, and so the trophy is back in our hands!

Blazing Blades 2016 Div 1 Champs

The Blazing Blades – the Women’s League Div 1 Champions for 2015-16!

Isn’t the trophy pretty? And just like the Stanley Cup, players get to take the cup home for a week. I can’t wait to get my week – I’m going to take it in to work to show it off!

Blazing Blades championship celebration 2016

The cup

Of course, no victory celebrate would be complete without a drink from the trophy!

Blazing Blades championship celebration 2016

All in all, it was a great season – I’m really lucky to get to play with such a fun and talented group of women!

Tig Beth Ellen

On the left is game MVP, Tig (she scored 2 of our 3 goals, including the game winner) and on the right is team captain & coach, Ellen.


Sweet, sweet victory!

Day 252

It was a hard fought game, with neither team yielding a thing for nearly two full periods of hockey. Then the Ringers broke open the scoring with just 8 seconds left in the second. We answered back with two quick ones in the beginning of the third, and then we traded goals – they scored, we scored, they scored, and finally, we scored the game winner with less than a minute to go in the game1.

I have to say that victory tastes that much sweeter when you (a) are the underdog and (b) have to work really, really hard to get that win!

photo 2

After the game, there was much rejoicing, complete on ice paparazzi photogs (photos to be posted once I get copies of them) and locker room celebrations:
photo 4

And a trip to the pub to spend our victory money2. And no victory would be complete without drinking out of the trophy, right?

photo 2


All in all, it was a great game and a great season. The team really came together under the guidance of a strong leader, worked hard and our teamwork and focus on playing our game paid off. I like it when that happens.

  1. I was extremely happy about this, because in our league there’s 5 minutes of overtime and then a shootout. And I have the worst shot of any hockey player who ever hockeyed. []
  2. Winning teams get a cool $100 to spend at the pub at the rink. So basically, we got paid to play that game today. I think that makes us professional hockey players now. []


Hockey Playoffs!

hockeylogoThis weekend was the playoffs for one of my two hockey teams (the Blazing Blades). We won our games on Friday and Saturday nights, but lost our game this afternoon, giving us a 2-1 record for the playoffs. The team that beat us (the Ringers) also had a 2-1 record, which meant that we had to wait with bated breath to see what happened in the game that was being played right after ours (Fusion vs. Red Bull) to see who was going to the final because, had the Fusion won, they would *also* have had a 2-1 record, which meant it would have gone down to a tie-breaker. The usual tie-breaker in a situation like this is looking at who beat who, but since we beat the Fusion, and the Fusion beat the Ringers, and the Ringers beat us – well, that just ends in another tie. I think after that it would have gone to goal differential. Fortunately, however, the Fusion did not win, so that puts us in the final next Sunday. Go Blazing Blades!


Hello, Hockey Playoff Finals! Fancy Meeting You Here!

So it seems that my hockey team has made the finals, being played this afternoon, despite coming in last in our division in the regular season! So perhaps my stick did not give her life in vain1!

The team we play in the finals is the same team we played this morning – we tied 1-1. They are a tough team and we had to play hard to get that tie, so I think we are in for quite a game this afternoon!

Wish us luck!!

Update: We did not win the final. But considering we came in last in our division, were plagued by injuries, and didn’t have a regular goalie for the entire season, we were pretty pleased to make the final and give the winners a run for their money!

  1. incidentally, I saw my stick today! As I was leaving the ice after this morning’s game, I spotted her in a garbage can next to the rink. So splintered! So sad! []