Hockey Playoffs!

hockeylogoThis weekend was the playoffs for one of my two hockey teams (the Blazing Blades). We won our games on Friday and Saturday nights, but lost our game this afternoon, giving us a 2-1 record for the playoffs. The team that beat us (the Ringers) also had a 2-1 record, which meant that we had to wait with bated breath to see what happened in the game that was being played right after ours (Fusion vs. Red Bull) to see who was going to the final because, had the Fusion won, they would *also* have had a 2-1 record, which meant it would have gone down to a tie-breaker. The usual tie-breaker in a situation like this is looking at who beat who, but since we beat the Fusion, and the Fusion beat the Ringers, and the Ringers beat us – well, that just ends in another tie. I think after that it would have gone to goal differential. Fortunately, however, the Fusion did not win, so that puts us in the final next Sunday. Go Blazing Blades!

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