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And So It Begins – NaBloPoMo 2011!

As I mentioned the other day, I’m doing the National Blog Posting Month thing. And, while I generally have a copious number of ideas of things I want to blog about, as soon as I commit to something where I *have* to blog, I immediately panic that I’m not going to have any ideas. So I’ve been collecting ideas of stuff to write about this month and figured that I’d make my first blog posting of the month one where I put all of those ideas in one place as an easy reference should I find myself faced with writer’s block. So, yeah, it’s my first NaBloPoMo ’11 posting and I’m making it something that no one could possibly be interested in reading. Off to an excellent start!

OK, so here, in no particular order, are some ideas of things I might blog about this month, though I do reserve the right not blog about this stuff if more interesting stuff arises:

  • I have a couple of videos that I want to share
  • My upcoming trip to Ottawa & Montreal1 should be good for a few blog postings
  • The November birthdays of two very important people will undoubtedly result in blog postings.
  • I’ll probably volunteer to do some hockey pool update postings
  • There are quite a few half written blog postings in my Drafts folder – about things like my book collection and a comparison of Power Gels vs. Cliff Shots vs. Sharkies – that I could finish up
  • There are a couple of things that I’m waiting to receive/hear about that I’ll blog about if/when I receive/hear about them2
  • Items #10 and #95 on my 101 list require me to write blog postings, so tackling those are an option.
Also, if there’s anything you want me to write about, let me know if the comments section. I’m not going to guarantee I’ll write about it, but I might!
  1. I tacked a weekend in Montreal onto my two day work trip to O-town []
  2. This is quite possibly the least informative sentence I’ve ever written. []



MILLENNIUM 2000This is my 2000th blog posting!

In celebration, I thought I’d share some blog stats. Because stats are the best way to celebrate things, right?

  • # blog postings: 2,000
  • # of days this blog has existed: 2,301
  • average # of blog postings per day: 0.86
  • # of blog comments: 6,518
  • average # comments per blog posting: 3.3
  • average # of blog hits per day1: 135
Here’s to 2000 more postings about spider conspiracies, shenanigans, hockey hotties, and radicalized geese!

Image Credit: Medallion osted by Leo Reynolds on Flickr.

  1. This is only since January 2009, when I moved to my current URL []


Comtemplating Blogathoning. Wanna write a guest post for me?

So right after I hit “publish” on my 101 in 1001 check in posting, I ambled on over to my Google Reader and saw that Rebecca has put out the call for this year’s Blogathon, which just so happens to be on my 101 list!

Blogathon involves publishing one blog posting every half hour for 24 hours to raise money for a charity of your choosing. That’s right folks, 48 postings in a day! It also requires one to be awake at 6 a.m. on a Saturday, which I believe falls under the category of “cruel and unusual.” Yet here I am contemplating it!

Anyway, I’m writing this posting to plant a bug in your ear.  Wanna guest post for me?  Have any ideas on how I can come out with 48 bloody things to blog about? For example, last year Rebecca did the A-Z of Metro Vancouver: A is for Alex Fraser, B is for Burrard BridgeC is for Canucks, etc.  I think having a theme like that would help me come up with ideas, but I don’t yet have any ideas for a theme.  Any suggestions?