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Cheapskates Unite!

So my brother-in-common-law is setting up a pretty cool little site that I thought would be worth sharing with y’all- it’s what he describes as “extreme couponing for the Internet”. Basically, he finds combinations of deals using different promo sites that you can add up to get really big savings. Right now, he has three deals listed on his site:

Those are some pretty good discounts. He’ll be adding more deals as he finds them, so if you are cheap like me, it will be worth checking back!


Shopping Spree

Warning: this blog post contains excessive amounts of materialism and first world problems (FWP).

When we went to Portland, I was very excited about the shopping potential. Oregon has no sales tax, which is pretty sweet because when something costs $19.99, you actually pay $19.99 – although this does result in an inordinate amount of pennies in one’s wallet (FWP#1). We decided to go to an outlet mall that had a number of stores that we were interested in going to: Nike, UnderArmour, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBG, Guess, and so much more! Nancy and Jeff found a lot more deals than I did; in fact, after an afternoon of shopping all I came away with was one tank top from Ann Taylor1. There were a few things that I quite liked, but they were either (a) a good price, but not available in my size (FWP#2) or (b) available in my size, but not on sale (FWP#3). Inexplicably, there were a few items that were too big for me even though they were a size 0 – which is crazy, because I have some meat on my bones and I’m not a size 0, let alone *smaller* than a size 02, but then I found a suit I liked that was a size 0 and it was a bit too tight (FWP#4).

Also, I was highly disappointed in the Dress Barn – my friend Lianna had gotten a couple of really nice dresses at Dress Barn on her recent shopping expedition, but when I went there they only had ugly clothes, most of which weren’t even dresses!  At any rate, when I came home from Portland, I brought home a grand total of $80 worth of stuff, most of which was booze and cheese.

However, is appears that shopping is much like death in the Final Destination franchise – even if you escape it initially, it will come for you. Because all the shopping that I didn’t end up doing in Portland found me once I got home.

Specifically, I went to Guildford Mall in Surrey (Surrey!) this past weekend as I wanted to buy some new PJs for the 10-day long hockey game. Since I’m going to be sleeping at the arena3 for the 10 days, I decided that I wanted to sleep in style! Well, not only did I find adorable PJs on sale for next to nothing, I also found SO. MANY. DEALS. Between the mall and a trip to the Le Chateau liquidation store near my work, I bought:

  • PJs (a cami & shorts set)
  • a nighty
  • a dress
  • 2 skirts
  • a blazer with belt
  • a pair of capri pants
  • a cardigan
  • 2 shirts
  • a belt
  • 2 necklaces
  • a pair of earrings
  • a bracelet
  • 4 scarves4
All for $236.15! Not a single item I bought cost more than $19.99! And I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! (Not a FWP).
  1. And no, Rick, you still can’t have it. []
  2. Seriously, how is 0 even a size? Hello, I’m noncorporeal! []
  3. In an RV. []
  4. I decided that since my office is always freezing, I should invest in scarves that can serve the dual purpose of keeping me from freezing to death AND making me look fabulous! []