Shopping Spree

Warning: this blog post contains excessive amounts of materialism and first world problems (FWP).

When we went to Portland, I was very excited about the shopping potential. Oregon has no sales tax, which is pretty sweet because when something costs $19.99, you actually pay $19.99 – although this does result in an inordinate amount of pennies in one’s wallet (FWP#1). We decided to go to an outlet mall that had a number of stores that we were interested in going to: Nike, UnderArmour, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, BCBG, Guess, and so much more! Nancy and Jeff found a lot more deals than I did; in fact, after an afternoon of shopping all I came away with was one tank top from Ann Taylor1. There were a few things that I quite liked, but they were either (a) a good price, but not available in my size (FWP#2) or (b) available in my size, but not on sale (FWP#3). Inexplicably, there were a few items that were too big for me even though they were a size 0 – which is crazy, because I have some meat on my bones and I’m not a size 0, let alone *smaller* than a size 02, but then I found a suit I liked that was a size 0 and it was a bit too tight (FWP#4).

Also, I was highly disappointed in the Dress Barn – my friend Lianna had gotten a couple of really nice dresses at Dress Barn on her recent shopping expedition, but when I went there they only had ugly clothes, most of which weren’t even dresses!  At any rate, when I came home from Portland, I brought home a grand total of $80 worth of stuff, most of which was booze and cheese.

However, is appears that shopping is much like death in the Final Destination franchise – even if you escape it initially, it will come for you. Because all the shopping that I didn’t end up doing in Portland found me once I got home.

Specifically, I went to Guildford Mall in Surrey (Surrey!) this past weekend as I wanted to buy some new PJs for the 10-day long hockey game. Since I’m going to be sleeping at the arena3 for the 10 days, I decided that I wanted to sleep in style! Well, not only did I find adorable PJs on sale for next to nothing, I also found SO. MANY. DEALS. Between the mall and a trip to the Le Chateau liquidation store near my work, I bought:

  • PJs (a cami & shorts set)
  • a nighty
  • a dress
  • 2 skirts
  • a blazer with belt
  • a pair of capri pants
  • a cardigan
  • 2 shirts
  • a belt
  • 2 necklaces
  • a pair of earrings
  • a bracelet
  • 4 scarves4
All for $236.15! Not a single item I bought cost more than $19.99! And I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe! (Not a FWP).
  1. And no, Rick, you still can’t have it. []
  2. Seriously, how is 0 even a size? Hello, I’m noncorporeal! []
  3. In an RV. []
  4. I decided that since my office is always freezing, I should invest in scarves that can serve the dual purpose of keeping me from freezing to death AND making me look fabulous! []

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