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Why You Should Always Proofread

Day 222 (Or is this Day 1 now?) - Oops!So I walked into a meeting at work today and everyone was laughing very, very hard. It turns out that I had made a small typo when I submitted some revisions to a project charter we were working on. Being a writing nerd such as I am, I always insist that acronyms be spelled out in full the first time they are used in a document, as the reader may not be familiar with said acronym. So, I’d edited the project charter to spell out what one of the acronyms stood for. But I left out one tiny little letter. How could one little letter make such a difference that everyone was roaring with laughter, you ask?

The project charter was for work on HIV/STIs – remember, I work in healthcare – and the acronym I was trying to spell out was MSM, which stands for “men who have sex with men.” But I’d written “men who have sex with me.”

Needless to say, I have not, and will not, live this one down. And that there is now an acronym of MSB.

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Vote for Me (again)!

For the second year running, I’ve made it to the finals of Cath’s blog’s Comment of the Year competition! Basically, she picks the top comments from her blog over the past year and then lets her readers vote on the overall winner.

I think you know what to do.


The Tumblbeasts Are Mine!

I freaking love The Oatmeal. It’s one of the first things I read in my Google Reader when I see there’s a new posting1. So when I saw on The Oatmeal’s recent posting saying that I could use The Oatmeal’s adorable Tumblbeasts on my very own blog I, of course, jumped at the chance! First up: my new 404 error page.

I expect I’ll find many more ways to use the Tumblbeasts in coming days.


  1. Along with xkcd, Savage Chickens, and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal []


Vote For Me!

Over on Cath’s blog, she picks her favourite comments every week for her “Bragging Rights Central.” Well, as it turns out, I’m in the running for “Comment of the Year” for the time I told the story of the cursed chocolate bar in response to one of her blog postings1 The final winner will be chosen by popular vote. The problem – I’m not allowed to vote for my own comment! The rules don’t, however, say I can’t lobby all y’all to vote for me. You’d think I’d be above such shameless self-promotion, but you’d be wrong.

So why don’t you mosey on over to Cath’s blog and vote for me?

</shameless self-promotion>

And while you are in the voting mood, why not go and vote for my friend Derek’s podcast, Inside Home Recording, in the Podcast awards?

  1. you can see my original posting on the cursed chocolate bar here. Then go here to see me bragging about making it into Bragging Rights Central here. []