Vote For Me!

Over on Cath’s blog, she picks her favourite comments every week for her “Bragging Rights Central.” Well, as it turns out, I’m in the running for “Comment of the Year” for the time I told the story of the cursed chocolate bar in response to one of her blog postings1 The final winner will be chosen by popular vote. The problem – I’m not allowed to vote for my own comment! The rules don’t, however, say I can’t lobby all y’all to vote for me. You’d think I’d be above such shameless self-promotion, but you’d be wrong.

So why don’t you mosey on over to Cath’s blog and vote for me?

</shameless self-promotion>

And while you are in the voting mood, why not go and vote for my friend Derek’s podcast, Inside Home Recording, in the Podcast awards?

  1. you can see my original posting on the cursed chocolate bar here. Then go here to see me bragging about making it into Bragging Rights Central here. []

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