Running in Kananaskis

So, I decided to go out for a little run today.  This was the path I decided to run along:


Not too bad of scenery to have as the backdrop to my run, eh?  And as I was lost in thoughts such as “I wonder what world leaders have gone for a run along this very same path?” and “How can I make $1 zillion so that I can afford to come here all the time?”, I ran around a bend to discover this little beauty:


Not something I typically see on my runs in Vancouver!

I continued along this path, but it turned out to be shorter than I had wanted for a run, so I doubled back along the path until I came to the Terrace Trail, a hiking trail through the bush, and ran along it for a while.  It was pretty hilly and rocky, so I had to be careful not to trip or go over on my ankle, which is totally the kind of thing I would do this close to race day.  As I headed back up the Terrace Trail, a coyote ran right across my path!  I wasn’t able to get my camera out quick enough to take a photo of him – he ran deep into the trees and then turned back to check me out. I noticed that there was another coyote in there, but the two of them ran off, leaving me photoless!  I continued on my way and then came upon two more deer!


Or possibly that’s the same deer who had just relocated and found a friend. I don’t know how you tell deer apart, to be quite honest. But unlike the coyotes, they seemed perfectly content to stick around while I took their photos.

Also, I think my runs would be a lot faster if I didn’t stop to take so many pictures!