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Why You Should Always Proofread

Day 222 (Or is this Day 1 now?) - Oops!So I walked into a meeting at work today and everyone was laughing very, very hard. It turns out that I had made a small typo when I submitted some revisions to a project charter we were working on. Being a writing nerd such as I am, I always insist that acronyms be spelled out in full the first time they are used in a document, as the reader may not be familiar with said acronym. So, I’d edited the project charter to spell out what one of the acronyms stood for. But I left out one tiny little letter. How could one little letter make such a difference that everyone was roaring with laughter, you ask?

The project charter was for work on HIV/STIs – remember, I work in healthcare – and the acronym I was trying to spell out was MSM, which stands for “men who have sex with men.” But I’d written “men who have sex with me.”

Needless to say, I have not, and will not, live this one down. And that there is now an acronym of MSB.

Image Credit: Posted by Kate Stumbler on Flickr.


Anyone Missing A Gas Cap?

I was getting gas tonight and as I stood there pumping the gas, I looked down and saw this:


And it wasn’t mine – my gas cap is attached to my car so I can’t put it down on the ground and forget it.

Somebody is going to feel really silly the next time they gas up!