Anyone Missing A Gas Cap?

I was getting gas tonight and as I stood there pumping the gas, I looked down and saw this:


And it wasn’t mine – my gas cap is attached to my car so I can’t put it down on the ground and forget it.

Somebody is going to feel really silly the next time they gas up!

4 Replies to “Anyone Missing A Gas Cap?”

  1. I did this once AND drove over it lol. I didn't realize it until hours later, so I went back and got it (cracked and all) put it back on my gas tank thingie) and then I had a service light on my car (which I didn't realize was even related) and took it in to Toyota only to find that my cracked gas cap was the culprit. I played dumb, I felt stupid that I had dropped it, lost it and then put it back. I was 20 something hehe.

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