Scientist Hotties

So, I’ve talked a lot about Hockey Hotties, but did you know that professions other than hockey player count hotties within their ranks as well?  UCDNutrigenomics > Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy

Case in point: Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, a scientist from the University of Toronto.  He studies nutrigenomics.  I saw him give a talk about his research at a symposium recently. Super fascinating.  And H-O-T.  One of my former students notified me that he’s coming back to Vancouver this week to give another talk, which reminded me that I *totally* needed to blog about this.

And sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but that is a wedding ring on his hand. (I assume, given that it’s on his left hand ring finger).


Man, I really hope this guy doesn’t Google his own name and find this posting!