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Here and Gone

So remember that time I told you about how all the houseguests were on their way to my place? Not only did that trip whizz by in the blink of an eye, but it’s been a week since they left and I’m only just now blogging about it!

In no particular order, our adventures included1:

  • went to Bowen Island 2, where we had some amazingly delicious food at the Old Orchard Grill3
  • delicious dinner at Forage– I’ve been there a couple of times before, but omg, is their food ever fantastic. And their wait staff is amazing!
  • delicious breakfast at Angelina’s
  • went to my hockey game – well, my mom did. My sister was busy at her conference that day.
  • went to Daniel’s hockey game
  • went to Granville Island, where we did some shopping4 and enjoyed some Lee’s Donuts 5 and some drinks at Liberty Distillery. I also bought myself an herb garden to put on my balcony 6 – it contains parsley, sage, chives, marjoram, and peppermint and it only cost $13!
  • my sister and Dan got to meet my kitties! My mom had already met them on her last trip, but was happy to see her grandkitties again!

Pursuing my phone, I realized that I was a delinquent in taking photos, so I have no proof that anyone actually visited me. But I did take this photo of me stopped in front of a “no stopping anytime” sign on Bowen Island, in my ongoing project to chronicle people disobeying signs.


So there’s that.

  1. “Making a delicious meal on my BBQ” didn’t end up happening and “trying my delicious home-brewed beer” happened for Dr. Dan, but not my sister (my mom and Dan’s student don’t drink beer, so I wasn’t expecting them to). []
  2. which just so happens to be on my list of 101 things to do []
  3. Best. French fries. EVER! []
  4. I bought a new dress and got FOUR compliments on it the first day that I wore it! []
  5. Dan and his student agreed with me that Lee’s Donuts kick the butt of Cartem’s Donuts! []
  6. which just so happens to be on my list of 101 things to do. []


Off To The Airport

I’m off to the airport to meet up with Dr. Dan, where I am joining his flight on the last leg of his westward journey, for the The Great Drs. Beth & Dan Victoria Adventure and Shenaniganery of 2011! Well, technically he’s going there to be a fancy pants invited speaker at the 7th Annual GeoMED conference, but I’m just going there for shenanigans.

It’s only an overnight trip, so I’m not even bringing my laptop, as I’d prefer not to have my Victoria-based adventuring be encumbered by a heavy laptop, so I’ll have to wait ’til tomorrow after I get home from work to blog about said adventuring1. But I’m willing to bet that both of the good doctors shall issue some tweetage, so for real time updates of adventure-based shenanigans in Victoria2, follow the tweets.

  1. Unless I do a quick blog posting on my iPhone, which, you know, I might. []
  2. And we are armed with several suggestions of excellent places to eat, so expect a fair number of the shenanigans to be of the gastronomic variety. []