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Eat It!

After a long day of class today1, I rewarded myself by buying a foam roller2 and then dinner at La Bell Patate, a Québécois restaurant on Davie Street. I had bought a Social Shopper (i.e., fake Groupon) deal for 2 poutine and 2 hotdogs at L.B.P., a place that I had only heard of when I’d Googled around to try to find if you can buy spruce beer anywhere in Vancouver.

The hotdogs – or “steamies” as they are called there (all dressed with sauerkraut and onions and mustard) – were nothing to write home about. Then again, I never had steamies when I was in Montreal as a kid like I did Montreal smoked meat or spruce beer, so I don’t have any nostalgia associated with it. But the poutine was divine:


And they did, in fact, have my beloved spruce beer!

Spruce Beer

It was even better than the stuff I had picked up the last time I was in Montreal. At least 87% more sprucey!

  1. Macroeconomics, followed by a double dose of statistics, then managerial economics. That be *a lot* of math. []
  2. Which will be the subject of an upcoming blog posting []


Recipes – Dal & Green Rice

My sister and I inherited a love of cooking and baking from our mom.  I have very fond memories of baking things as a kid and, as I’ve mentioned before, baking is how I learned fractions!  Since we often share recipes, my sister decided to start us up a joint account over at All – that way, whenever we find a good recipe, we put it in the account and then each of us will know where to find it.  My mom is working on entering some of our favourite recipes from over the years there.

So, since Chris’s requested the recipe for the dal I made the other day, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and put it there and then put the link to it here:

As an added bonus, here’s the recipe for the yummy green rice that I’m currently obsessed with: