Something to Report

Well, I’ve got something to report! Got feedback from my supervisor on my lit review chapter… and she wants revisions! Of course! The parts that I had gone into quite a bit of depth she felt I went into too much depth and the parts that I felt needed to be only mentioned, she wanted more detail. So it’s back to sitting on my butt for hours on end in front of the computer writing (as opposed to the sitting on my butt for hours on end in front of my computer surfing the net).

Also, got to give a shout out to my friend Sarah, who generously provided me some feedback on the lit review chapter as well. Sarsh, I had a look at your feedback and it is totally awesome — thanks! I’ll send you the next draft when it’s ready. =)

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  1. Good news!
    It’s better to be told that you need to review something, rather than you submitting it and it being thrown into the dumpster.

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