Hockey Night in Canada

My hockey team finally won a game! And we didn’t just win — we wiped the ice with them! I was a bit nervous before the game started ‘cuz we only had 6 skaters and the other team had three full lines! (For those of you not familiar with the nuances of hockey, this means that their players could spend ~30 seconds-1 minute on the ice and then get a 1-3 minute break before their next shift and our players had to stay on the ice for at least 2 minutes (usually longer) and then get a 30 second break before having to go back out… can anyone say “exhausted”?) Plus, our regular goalie couldn’t make it, so another player, who has never, ever played in goal before in her life, had to be goalie. So I totally thought we’d get slaughtered… but we totally out-played them and by halfway through the second period, when three more of our players showed up (they had been playing ball hockey right before and the games overlapped), we were winning 3-0. Final score: 6-0. And, I scored my first and second goals of the season! Including the game winning goal! Yay me! I really hope that I get credit for my goals (we only have one ref and they don’t always catch who scored the goal… you have to make sure you turn your back to the ref after you score so he can see your number and record it as your goal (otherwise he’ll just leave it blank!)… so I did my back-turning-on-the-ref best after my goals, so he better have got my number!

OK, so that has absolutely nothing to do with the theme of this blog… but I was just so excited I had to share it!

Update: They did, in fact, count my goals! Also, must give a shout out to Emily on my team, without whose beautiful set ups I could not have scored my goals!

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  • I have never in my life put a ball or puck into a hockey net that wasn’t entirely undefended.

    So what I’m saying is: looking for new teammates?


  • Dave is quite fetching in a hockey jersey.

    He wears them flipped around so his crotch hangs out the neck-hole.

    This is OFFICIALLY too much information about Dave.


  • Dave: you’d fit right in with my team, many of whom can’t stop or skate backwards (or figure out how to put their equipment on) when they first join the team. Except that it’s a women’s division… no one who is able to touch their gonads allowed!

    Jorge: I don’t even want to know how you come up with these ideas…


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