You’ve heard of T.M.I… but how about T.M.A – too many authors! I’ve been working on the lit review and just cited a paper with 30 authors!! I mean, this was a task force report, so I guess task forces have a lot of people on them, but 30 people to write one paper?

How silly is this going to look in my reference list:

Harry K. Genant, Cyrus Cooper, Gyula Poor, Ian Reid, George Ehrlich, J. Kanis , B. E. Christopher Nordin, Elizabeth Barrett-Connor, Dennis Black, J.-P. Bonjour, Bess Dawson-Hughes, Pierre D. Delmas, J. Dequeker, Sergio Ragi Eis, Carlo Gennari, Olaf Johnell, C. Conrad Johnston Jr, Edith M. C. Lau, Uri A. Liberman, Robert Lindsay, Thomas John Martin, Basel Masri, Carlos A. Mautalen, Pierre J. Meunier, Paul D. Miller, Ambrish Mithal, Hirotoshi Morii, Socrates Papapoulos, Anthony Woolf, Wei Yu, Nikolai Khaltaev. (1999). Interim Report and Recommendations of the World Health Organization Task-Force for Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis International. 10(4) 259 – 264.

I wonder what the world record for most authors on a single paper is….

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  • Man…
    I would be totally making names up…

    Margaret Atwood, Professor X, Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Gichin Funakoshi, Dave McLean, Terry Pratchett…
    You get the idea…


    PS: My word verification today was fctyjjm! Looks like some kind of phreakspeak if you ask me.


  • I’ve got ngozcpii over here. I think that’s German.

    That IS a lot of authors. None of them were editors?

    I bet there was a lot of fighting, yo. Thank god for alphabetical order, which can also be translated as “Nobody gets to be first…except Aaron Aaronson”.


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