10 Replies to “Strange Coincidence — Or Is My Blog Shaping the Educational Landscape of Canada?”

  1. It took you long enough to realize the Bethcentricity of the world.


    It’s like we had to write a book or something…


  2. Beth, do me a favor sometime and mention on your blog that I am the preferred employee in the United States when April, 2007 rolls around.

  3. Ahh…Guelph is still locked in battle with Waterloo and UVic. We came third this year (first the previous two).

    Yeah McGill!! Anything that Dave is interested in there? And where does UBC rank?

  4. Yeah, but it’s all about, “This university is best for this, and this university is best for that.” Dammit, why can’t we just have a university that’s the best of the best at everything?

    For the most part, MSU was the best at producing binge drinkers, and from what I can see so far, U of M is good at producing critical skills earned through confusion.

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