Go Oilers!

The Edmonton Oilers are off to Anaheim for the Western Conference finals after beating San Jose 2-0 tonight! Go Oilers! Bring the Cup back to Canada boys!! Since my beloved/despised Canucks never even made the playoffs, and my backup team, the Sens, inexplicably got knocked out by Buffalo*, I’ve been cheering for the Oilers. Granted, I wouldn’t have been too disappointed if San Jose won, seeing as how they will be the closest team to me once I move so I now have a bit of a soft-spot for them… but I am much happier with an Oilers victory. Unlike Calgary, the Oilers fans aren’t jerks**, so I am am happy to cheer them on. Oh ya, and the Vancouver Giants play in the Memorial Cup tourney starting on Saturday — go Giants!

Speaking of sports, I just joined a soccer team for the summer. Now, I don’t know the first thing about soccer. I don’t think I’ve played soccer since, well, probably grade 9 gym class. But I figure it’s just like hockey but without the ice, right? I feel like all I’ve been doing for the past month is sitting and typing, with the occasional jaunt out to the library, to Tim Horton’s or for a short walk around town in my new shoes, and I can just feel my muscles atrophying, so I needed to do something that will actually get me off my butt. I’ll let you know how it works out.

Also, one of my favourite pens died today****. Boo! I have this aversion to buying pens when people are always giving out free pens with their logos on them. So I’m always writing with some sort of promotional pen or another and I’ve found that they really vary in quality. I was really liking this one particular pen and then it up and died on me! Farewell, pen from Stem Cell Technologies that I’m sure I picked up at some conference or another, you will be sadly missed.


**thank god no Calgarians read my blog!

***yes, this is how boring my life has gotten. I’m writing about pens.

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  • Have you shared the Flames video? The one with all the singing and the hair and the 80s. The people need to see it.


  • On a serious note, I think sports fanatics (the ones that riot when their teams win/lose) are insane.

    It’s highly likely that most of those people would barely expend the energy to get up and vote at election time.


  • Hi Beth,

    We here at StemCell Technologies have heard your cries of despair regarding the death of your favourite pen. As an ex-grad student myself, I understand the pain and toil of thesis writing. We’d love to send you a replacement pen to lift your spirits in this time of need. If you’re interested, email us your mailing address and we’ll do our best to get a new pen to you as soon as possible.

    Good luck with the revisions.



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