Can you handle some spice?

I went salsa dancing last night and that was the best fake pickup line of the night. The worst real pickup line was “Do you come here often?” I didn’t think anyone actually said that. Granted, as my friend Alicia pointed out, English wasn’t his first language so perhaps he didn’t know that that is a cliche pickup line and instead was genuinely interested in whether or not we salsa dance often.

Every Friday night in the summer, Dancesport BC holds a free dance lesson in Robson Square – yesterday’s was Merengue. We missed the start of the lesson, but I have to say that Merengue is waaaaay easier than salsa. In addition to the lesson, there is some free dancing time and then a couple of shows. We were hoping that the show would be some really good merengue dancers, but instead it was some kids doing like a dance recital kind of thing. I found their fake smiles to be really, really disturbing. We decided that we’d had enough of that, so we headed over to the Law Courts for some salsa lessons.

That’s right, the Law Courts. You walk into the courthouse on a Friday night, go upstairs and there you will find salsa lessons.

Salsa dancing is hard. There is lots of counting involved* and for me I think the toughest part is that the guy leads and the girl has to follow… I’m used to being the one in charge, so that takes some getting used to.

*and you know how I feel about anything that even resembles math.