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So, I’ve been wandering around in a daze since Tuesday*. It seems like I really couldn’t imagine a time beyond the defence and, even though I had been making plans for future events, I really couldn’t keep any of them in my head. Case in point: my friend Therese is visiting. Now, I knew that she was coming out to Van from T.O. in August for her cousin’s wedding and then she was going to stay a few extra days to hang out with me. And I am aware that it is now August. But I would be damned if I could put those two facts together in order to ask the ever so pertinent question: “when in August?” Well, it turns out, now. She called me on Friday to say “hey, I’m here! I have a free afternoon!” I really had it in my head that she was here next week, not this week. I also somehow thought she would be here all the way to the next Friday, even though I do recall her saying she was staying just a few days after the wedding (and I didn’t really think the wedding was mid-week). Apparently my math** skills are not what they used to be. So anyway, we went to Bo Kong for some delish Buddhist vegetarian Chinese food, since she was staying at her cousin’s place right across the road. She had the wedding this past weekend***, And now she is coming to stay with me for a few days! Yay!! I’ll be sure to keep you posted on our adventures. =)

*only part of the time due to the chemical with which my research was concerned.

**or “maths” skills, in case the wacko from London, UK is still reading my blog and hating my shoes. Oh yes, I’m on to you.

***whereas I entertained myself with debachery at Caprice.

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