Being Thankful

Today is Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada. 2006 has not been a very kind year to me*, but, as previously discussed, whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I’m feeling stronger, better and happier than I have in a long, long time**. And I know that I have many things to be thankful for. Some of these things, in no particular order, include:

  • peanut butter: the kind with no salt, no sugar, no icky trans fats… just squished up peanuts. On an English muffin, this is my go-to breakfast.
  • the mountains, the ocean: I <3 living in Vancouver!
  • the Canucks: we have a goalie. We have the twins. ’nuff said.
  • running: I admit it – I’ve become addicted to running. Listening to my iPod, getting into my groove and just pounding out all the stress with each step. And each week, seeing how much I’ve progressed – I can run that little bit further, that little bit faster. It rocks.
  • Groove Coverage: I discoved this band pretty much by accident, but I can’t get enough of them.
  • my niece: I love this kid so much. She’s like a ray of sunshine in my life. She has her mom’s fiery attitude and stubborness*** and her dad’s showmanship and sense of comedy. And her aunt’s shoe obssesion. Anytime I am feeling blue, I can think of her and it makes me smile.
  • my friends: I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to all my friends, who have been so very wonderful to me always, but especially in helping me through the last year. Patiently listening to me when I needed to vent, challenging me when I needed someone to keep me from caving and entertaining me when I needed a distraction from all the stress and worry. Please know that I love you all.
  • my roommate: of course, she is also included in the above “my friends” category, but I have to say that my roommate is wicked cool. She let me sublet her place for the summer at a moment’s notice and not only has let me continue to stay here after she got back, but is actually *happy* to have me stay here. And she lets me know it all the time.
  • Canada: it has its faults, to be sure. But I’m proud to live in a country where any two people who are in love can marry each other, regardless of their gender, and where, if I get sick, I know I can go to the hospital. A country that is generally known for being peaceful and tolerant. And we have Timmy Ho’s***. And poutine. And ketchup-flavoured potato chips.
  • cats that act like dogs: I used to be exclusively a dog person, but I have come to appreciate those cats that act like dogs. Like these cats. And my sister’s cat, Rhino. And even, though she doesn’t act like a dog, my sister’s other cat, Monkey… she acts like a bitch, but deep down, it’s just because she’s insecure.
  • dogs: I do miss Inti, the dog that used to live upstairs from me at my old place, but fortunatley there are dogs everywhere in this city and they are, for the most part, more than happy to let you pet them.
  • Jäger bombs: Jäg and Red Bull, together at last.

There are, no doubt, many more things for which I am thankful, but right now I think I should head to bed. I’m making a vegetarian Thanksgiving feast tomorrow, so I need my rest!

*and to be honest, 2005 wasn’t much of a peach either.

**and this despite having no job and thus, having to live quite frugally!

***and I mean that in a good way!

****although Timmy’s is owned by an American corporation. But let’s just not talk about that, OK?

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  • My cats are mad at you now.

    That aside, though…

    I’m thankful for my friend BETHIE!
    But I will not list why, because your ego will get too big, and you will never be able to leave your house.


  • My apologies for forgetting to include the Cats of the House of Jorge. And the Cats of the House of JWo, for that matter – they are pretty cool too.


  • Reply

  • 2007 will be your rock star year. It’s already begun in fact, what with the shoes and the modeling…


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