New Year’s Resolution

I don’t usually do New Year’s Resolutions. I actually think they are kind of stupid, like playing the lottery. You just aren’t going to win*, so save your time and money. But this year I’m thinking that I should make a resolution to post something on my blog every single day of the year. Because god knows I need to be on the internet more than I already am.

How long do you think I’ll last?

*Except that one year that I stopped drinking pop, solely because I happened to drank the last Pepsi in the case at my place on Dec. 31 and I wanted to see how long I could last. It lasted over 2 years.

4 Replies to “New Year’s Resolution”

  1. On the one hand – I know how hard it is to come up with something to post every single day.

    On the other hand – I know how dedicated you are.

    I’m predicting 57 days.

  2. Dude…you stopped drinking pop for two years? Back when you didn’t drink alcohol? It must have been tea and coffee city.

    What made you reintroduce it?

  3. I don’t make predictions.

    Forcing yourself to post everyday will either make you feel proud of what you accomplish by doing so, or sick of posting.

    I used to think about that, but then I wondered if my writing would sound forced and stale.

    So best of luck to you in your endeavour! I hope your 2007 far, FAR exceeds your 2006.

    Knowing you, I have no doubt you will bend this year to your will.

  4. Sarah – Yup, it was back when I lived in Hamilton. Drank a lot of iced tea. And you know, I have no idea why I reintroduced it. Just kinda got bored with the whole thing… it hadn’t been an intentional resolution – I’d only stopped because I didn’t have any in the house on Jan 1 and then it became a “hey, I wonder how long I can keep this up?” Weird, eh?

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