Starting the New Year Off Right!

Happy New Year, party people!

So I was sitting at home yesterday afternoon, recovering from a hard night of checking coats*, when who should appear at my door by the lovely Shalu, bearing gifts! She said that she was reading about my terrible ’06 and wanted to make sure that my ’07 started off right! Isn’t she the sweetest??

Thanks Shalu!!! The samosas are delish! As good as your mom’s, which I always tell everyone are the best samosas in the whole world! I totally need that recipe!!

*I would just like to add, for the record, that drunken boys are VERY forward with coat check girls on New Year’s Eve! And, for the record, DON’T hit on the coat check girl unless you’ve given her a tip – preferrably a sizeable one. I mean, come on people!

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  • I believe I predicted the bevy of men available at this gig. I hope you took advantage of at least one of the offers!!

    (In other news – I started the new year off with that bad decision, and it was GREAT. 😉 Nothing better.)


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  • I’m guessing that all attempted pick-ups began with the line, “HEY COAT-CHECK GIRL…” which I know I’d find to be a turn-on.


  • Dave – yup, pretty much. There was also a “hey didn’t you just check our coats?” from a boy at the bar, when I went up there to get a drink. Creative, eh?


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