Tofino Sunset

Didn’t get a chance to write up a summary of my Tofino adventures today – had to catch up on actual work I didn’t do while I was away for the weekend. Nearly didn’t make it home in time to post before midnight… had a meeting this evening that ran long, went to the grocery store on the way home and then got distracted by a stop sign at an extremely weird angle that I just *had* to photograph. Thank goodness for the bus luck I had, not having to wait more than 2 minutes for both my buses on the way home.

OK, for today’s post I want to share this with y’all… it’s my favourite of the 200+ photos we took this weekend.

Surfer Beth, walking into the Tofino sunset.

3 Replies to “Tofino Sunset”

  1. That was also MY favorite when I was going through all the pictures today. (Okay, okay – I was bored at work.)

    I also thought it was funny that you all looked a bit like blobby alien beings playing in the surf. And I love the cabin with all the people!! That is one of my favorite ways to spend time with friends – just chilling out all together.

    I hope it was the best birthday EVER!!

  2. Jorge, seeing as you are a talented photographer yourself, I think that’s quite a compliment! I will tell Kim (who took the pic!)

    Courtney – it was. best EVER!!

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