Things That Make You Go.. wtf?

It has proven to be far more difficult to get Air Canada to change my last name on my Aeroplan card than it was to get my name changed on my passport. What the hell is up with that?

I went to my old grad student office to check if there was any mail there for me. There was the usual junk mail (e.g., ads for journals about addiction research, newsletters from research networks) and a pay stub from 2005. That’s right, a pay stub for money that I made two years ago! I mean, where has this pay stub been? Was it stuck in the campus mail system for all this time? Was it sitting on someone’s desk who decided to make a 2007 New Year’s resolution wherein they clean up their messy desk?

While looking at job postings on, I noticed that there are postings for positions like “Combat Engineer” and “Infantry Soldier” with the Canadian Forces under the category “Sports and Recreation/Fitness”… um… the military? Sports? Really?

The following is a book review posted on the Barnes & Noble site for the book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma:

This book is so good because i think its a good book. Like they told me a recipe that its good and taste good. it is a good book, very good. Recommend it to all the good people, not fatties, cuz they will eat like savage, i mean the good normal people only. If you have weight problem, dont buy this book, you need a Diet book not this good book. Once i reading this book, i saw a picture of a food, and i said ‘WOW, what a food!’ to myself. So I made it the food and I mused ‘it must be overweight/obese people favorite food, like how can they eat all this’ so then I thought I must write a review to warn overweight people about good food that will make u bigger and soon colonize the whole world!

Do I really need to ask? No, but I can’t resist…. WTF????

And lastly in the land of wtf, my roommate went to a Canucks game the other day and, after the game ended, she noticed that someone had left behind a set of those inflatable plastic sticks that people bang together to make noise at sporting events. And look what is printed on those inflatable plastic sticks that people bang together to make noise at sporting events:

Thank GOD they wrote that! However would anyone know how to use this high tech device otherwise???

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