While I’m on the topic of politics*, I just read an article that David Emerson is thinking about running the Vancouver Quadra riding in the next election. Vancouver Quadra is my riding**. As you may remember from my previous rants, I’m not fan of David Emerson. David Emerson, who defected from the Liberal party a mere two weeks after the election to take a cabinet position as a member of the “Conservative”** party, knows that he doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in his current riding of Vancouver Kingsway. The people of Vancouver Kingsway haven’t forgotten! Of course, despite the fact that the title of the article is “Emerson mulls running in Quadra or current riding,” Emerson isn’t actually saying that. My favourite line in the article was:

“I indicated to the prime minister what my plans at that point [during the Christmas holidays] were, but plans are always subject to confirmation or revision.”

Yes, David, we know that your plans are *always* subject to revision – even *after* you’ve been elected!

*I did mention politics in that posting, however briefly.

**I mean I live in that riding. Not that I’m the MP for the riding. Don’t be silly.

**I still can’t bring myself to call these guys the Conversatives. They are the Canadian Alliance, who are the Reform party. That’s all there is to it.

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