Happy Chinese New Year!

As you may recall, 2006 was not my favourite year. And as you may also recall, I predicted that 2007 was going to be the best. year. ever. Well, I’m still unemployed and first month and a half of 2007 have been filled with further illnesses and deaths. So my hypothesis has been revised*… it’s actually on Chinese** New Year that everything will start to get good. I’m hoping that the “fortune tellers” are wrong on this one.

*props to Kalev for coming up with the revised hypothesis
**Also Koren New Year. Props to Jenny for telling me this. From Korea. Where she is right now.

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  1. I’m going to jump on this revised-hypothesis train with you, Beth. I thought for sure my year was going to be better, too, but so far, Braeden has had both strep and influenza, we were in a car accident that also totaled my vehicle, and I’m poorer than I thought I would be!

    Jeez, the Chinese New Year better deliver . . .

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