A test of my will

The other day I was watching the Canucks game with some fellow scientists at Coppertank and Erika told a story about how she was burned as a young child when she spilled a scalding hot cup of hot chocolate on herself and she bears the scar tissue to this day. For some reason, this made me crave a hot chocolate*. And since Coppertank is right across the road from Timmy Ho’s and I was walking home from the ‘tank, I decided to pop in to satisfy that craving. And what did I discover when I entered Timmy’s?

It’s Roll Up The Rim To Win time. For you non-Canadians, RUTRTW is this promotion they have at Tim Horton’s where you can, not surprisingly, win prizes by rolling up the rim of your coffee cup. Your disposable paper coffee cup.

This is where the test of my will comes in. As I have mentioned before, I bring a travel mug around with me, as I prefer not to use disposable cups, destroying trees and filling up landfills unnecessarily. When I emailed my sister the pic from the Metro, her response was “And look at you sporting your environmentally friendly coffee cup.” It’s what I do. However, I also like winning things. Hence, my dilemma. You can’t very well win anything at Roll Up The Rim To Win if you don’t take the paper coffee cup. So, I’ve been to Timmy’s twice since RUTRTW started and used my travel mug both times, forgoing my opportunity to roll and win. But how long can I resist the siren song this is a chance to win an iPod**? And shouldn’t they have a contest that rewards the use of non-disposable mugs, rather than promoting those who continue to fill up our landfills??

Me, modeling with a disposable paper cup at Timmy’s (not a Roll Up The Rim To Win one, mind you) on a day when I was not practising what I preach. And yes, I always dress this nicely to go to Timmy’s, don’t you?

*I know. I’m weird.

**I know that I already have an iPod. But this one has more memory than mine!

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  • They should have a dunk tank set up with some random Timmy’s employee sitting in it. Everyone can come up and toss their personal coffee mug at the target and see if you can put the Timmy employee in the drink. If you dunk the employee you win a prize.


  • Screw that.
    I’d just throw my mug at the employee, knocking him/her cold and making them fall into the drik anyway.
    For longer.
    Which counts as more contest entries.


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  • You carry your own coffee cup everywhere? That seems awfully inconvenient. But VERY environmentally friendly!


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  • Duane – I like the way you think.

    Jorge – I fear for my safety when you are around.

    Courtney – Not *everywhere*, but I do bring it anywhere that I’m likely to want to get coffee (which is just about everywhere). I can gone to Coppertank directly from campus, so I did have my coffee mug with me.

    Garrett – Thanks. Right back at ya.


  • Actually, at the one on Alberni if you use your own mug, they give you a paper cup anyway! I used to work at Greenpeace and that just made my toes curl; it’s not like they couldn’t make wee gamepieces or something. And they’d sell more of their own travel mugs.

    I, also, take my travel mug everywhere. It’s why God made purses so damn big!


  • I like your idea of mini game pieces for us travel mug afficionados… I mean, if the whole dunk tank thing doesn’t fly.


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