I Should Not Be Trusted With Knives

Of late, I seem to be having trouble in the safe operation of the simple kitchen knife. And I have no fewer than three self-inflected knife wounds on my hands from the last two days. One of which spontaneously started bleeding on the bus today (and, of course, I did not have a band-aid on me. An iPod, a notebook, a travel mug, an umbrella, several pens, a book – all these things were at my disposal, but band-aids, not so much).

Now, you might be wondering, “didn’t she learn after the first time that she should be more careful? or after the second time??” I’m a scientist people! We require replication to have any confidence in anything!

Hypothesis: cutting your hand hurts.
Replications: 3.
Conclusion: I accept the hypothesis (p < 0.05*).

*sorry. The nerd in me required a statistical analysis, albeit a completely made up one.

4 Replies to “I Should Not Be Trusted With Knives”

  1. I’m known for cutting myself as soon as anything sharp is put in my vicinity.

    Only had to have stitches a couple times, though, so it’s all good. 🙂

  2. Come up with a model for it? I think that I may require a research grant for that….

    Court – I have yet to require stitches (*knock on wood*)… although a friend of my who wields a scalpel every day in the course of her work recently required stitches when she cut her hand, severing a nerve… using household scissors to try to open a Christmas present!

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