I still haven’t figure out how the hell I’m supposed to get anything done when I’m spending most of my day at work! So today’s blog posting is another bulleted list of random thoughts… I can finn the time to compose a few random thoughts (on my Palm Pilot on the bus seems to be effective, but I live quite close to work, so the bus ride isn’t quite long enough to compose a coherenet single postings. I see that Dave has been resurrected from the dead and is also writing in random ideas in bulleted list form, so perhaps this is a trend…

OK, here goes:

  • We have these really funky paperweights at work that have been given out as presents from our program. But it really begs the question: is paper flying off of people’s desks really that much of a problem?
  • apparently today was “Steak & a Blow Job” day. Allegedly the idea is that since Valentine’s Day is supposed to be for women, so exactly one month later, guys are supposed to be getting what they want (i.e., S & a BJ). First of all, I was unaware that women getting oral sex was the traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. What’s that you say? On Valentine’s Day women are giving chocolate, flowers and cards? Hardly seems like a fair trade!! No wonder young girls think that they are supposed to be giving unreciprocated oral to every guy in school!! Secondly, this so-called holiday hardly seems vegetarian friendly. Why not “Tempeh and a BJ”? “Tofu and a BJ”? Better yet, “vegetarian maki, a BJ and some reciprocated oral” day!
  • I’m sleepy.

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  • What? Girls in school? This is scary!

    Also reminds me of a convo I had with a lady friend about her 15 year old son. He told her that he thought he was ready for a blow job. She said, “No, no I don’t think you are.”

    “Okay, mom, when will I be ready?”

    “When you’re 18.”



  • yesterday was pi day, today is vegetarian maki/reciprocal oral day… I can’t wait until June 9th! Hooray!


  • OK, it took me waaaay too long to figure out the significance of June 9th.

    Of course, June 9th is my dad’s birthday, so perhaps I just have a mental block on that.


  • I’m with you, Beth. I’d be WAY more excited about Valentine’s Day if it was accompanied by some guaranteed oral action.

    Yummy. 😉


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