Chuck Norris Parties Here

So we decided to go out to watch the game and just have “a few beers” on Saturday night. Ya, on Saturday night, which was St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure you can guess how that ended! I can now confirm that (a) they still do give free shots to everyone sitting at the bar at Nevermind whenever a Canuck scores, (b) even emtpy-netters count, (c) I’m an extremely good luck in the Canuck of the game scores = free beer for everyone in the restaurant (I’m three for three on that front) and (d) I don’t do well with free alcohol. Oh yes, and Chuck Norris parties at Nevermind:

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  • By the way, one of the ways in which LiveJournal is VASTLY superior to Blogger is that you can automatically get notifications when people respond to your comments.

    For instance, I only randomly happened to notice that you had replied to my first comment on this entry. With LiveJournal, I could have just subscribed to this entry to get notified that something had been added to it.

    Not that I expect you to switch to LiveJournal–I guess I just kinda wanted to comment how I find the proliferation of all these vastly different blogging software “solutions” totally frustrating and stupid. I just want everything standardised, deep down inside. Gah!


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