So I called the bank to sort out how, exactly, I’m supposed to pay for my student loans. It turns out that you need to know the secret passageway, secret handshake and secret 347-digit code to set up your online banking so you can pay your student loans. So I now have it set up that $850 will magically disappear from my account EVERY MONTH for the NEXT NINE YEARS!

Man, I need a sugar daddy. Hmm…. I hear Prince William is back on the market….

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  • I hope that is one great job you got. If you find an extra sugar daddy, could you let me know?

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  • Student loans blow.. I’m still working on paying my $40k off. And I had the same problem trying to pay it off.. I had some extra cash one month so I called them up and asked them how I could use my online banking to make another payment.. They said I couldn’t, and I’d have to go into a branch with a pile of paperwork. Rock on student loan center.

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  • $850 a month??!! Good lord – that’s a mortgage payment around here! That better be a damn good job you have!

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