Tying Up Some Loose Ends

Remember how I once accused my apartment of eating things? I was completely sure that it had eaten my favourite sweater. As it turns out, however, my apartment did not, in fact, eat my sweater. Rather, it mailed my sweater to my sister’s apartment in Toronto. Why my apartment would do such a thing, I have no idea. It’s sneaky. But how else can you explain how my sweater ended up there? Surely I did not forget it there when I visited last June! At any rate, my sister has mailed it back to me and now I have a nice sweater to wear to work*.

Remember how I sprung on you out of nowhere that I’d been working on a systematic review for “ages,” even though I’d never mentioned it here ever before? I just got word that it’s accepted for publication.

Remember when I told you about all the airheaded things I do? Add “pokes self in eye with mascara wand. On a regular basis.” I forgot to add that to the list when I wrote that posting.

Remember how the bank didn’t want to let me consolidate my 14 individual student loans and was telling me that I would have to make fourteen individual payments each month? Well, they went and consolidated them anyway, but now there appears to be no way for me to pay them through my online banking. There used to be an option to pay them in my “pay bills” section of my online banking, but now that they’ve consolidated my loans, that option is gone. It’s almost like they don’t want me to pay these damn things back**.

Remember how I complained that holding my coffee on the bus was just too taxing? My mom sent me this cool travel bag that has a million and one pockets, including a water bottle holder pocket that works perfectly as a coffee cup holder. I’m pretty sure my life is complete now.

*After I washed it to get all the cat hair out, of course.

**Which would be fine by me!!

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  • Congrats on getting published! And aren’t you lucky that your apartment knew your sister’s address.


  • Good lord! It sounds as if everything in your life is perfect right now! I’m a bit jealous.

    Although, I did find a fabulous weekender bag on the 75% off rack last week. That made ME happy. 😉


  • I read the little * notes following the post, and thought you were saying the travel bag your mom sent you was full of cat hair. Which I thought odd… Luckily you wee describing the sweater your apartment mailed.

    And – aaaaah, we gotsta love the banks.


  • Hmm, I hope after the consolidation they are still classified as “student” loans, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the tax credit.


  • Ya, they are still classified as “student loans”, so I will get my big tax break on the ridiculous amount of interest I will be paying.


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